Nylon is a versatile and popular engineering plastic with outstanding hardness and tensile strength, plus superior wear resistance. A low coefficient of friction is another advantage along with heat resistance as high as 230 degrees Fahrenheit in some grades. Nylon is an excellent choice for parts that aren't in frequent contact with strong acids, organic solvents, or sunlight. The addition of oil, glass, or moly disulfide improves the properties listed above to provide even better wear and abrasion resistance. Also,
  • Type 6 cast nylon is molded into void-free plates that are free of stress
  • Type 6/6 nylon is a popular extruded nylon (a hard plastic that machines easily)
  • Extruded nylon is more rigid than cast nylon and suitable for automatic screw machines
  • Nylon is an ideal replacement for materials such as copper, aluminum, and other steels
  • Nylon is commonly used in applications such as gears, bearings, and bushings
Available as
  • Sheets/Rods/Tubes
  • Custom fabrication services available from WS Hampshire
Unit of Measure



N/A 1.500 in38.100 mm


N/A 1.500 in38.1 mm

Stock Size

N/A 24.000 x 48.000 in609.6 x 1219.2 mm


N/A 24.00 in609.60 mm


N/A 48.000 in1219.2 mm

Sheet Weight per Unit Area

N/A 9.13 lbs/ft²44.57266 kg/m²

Thickness Tolerance

N/A -0.000 in+0.025 in

Width Tolerance

N/A ±1/2 in

Length Tolerance

N/A ±1 in


N/A Sheets



N/A Cams Gaskets Gears Guides Insulators Liners Seals Spacers Tooling Fixtures Washers Wear Surfaces


Optional Stock Size

N/A 48.000 x 96.000 in

Grade Description


    Engineering plastic for wear applications such as bearings and gears. 6M with molydisulfide also available.