Polycarbonate is the toughest transparent plastic produced. Outstanding impact strength (it is virtually unbreakable) makes it the material of choice for many industrial applications. It has good electrical insulation properties and low moisture absorption. Polycarbonate is resistant to both heat and flame, and is dimensionally stable and generally unaffected by greases, oils, and acids. Weatherability is good, but slightly below that of acrylic. Ultraviolet rays cause slight discoloring and embrittlement. Polycarbonate tubing offers the advantages of a clear, see-through tubing with the added impact toughness necessary for industrial applications.
  • Can be cut using all machines EXCEPT lasers (it gives off toxic fumes)
  • Can be oven and line bent
  • Can be glued
  • Edges are normally left with router cut, not flame polished
  • Is especially unbreakable with high dielectric properties
  • Available in Plates/Sheets/Tubes
  • Available in clear or smoke tint
  • Custom fabrication services available from WS Hampshire
  • Thermoforming available from WS Hampshire
Unit of Measure



N/A 1.750 in44.450 mm

Stock Size

N/A 8 ft


N/A 1.750 in44.450 mm

Weight per Feet

N/A 1.241 lbs0.5627935 kg

Stock Length

N/A 2.4384 m

Diameter Tolerance

N/A -0.000 in+0.005 in


N/A Rods



N/A Aircraft Parts Food Equipment Light Fittings Mechanical Parts Safety Devices Structural Parts

Grade Description


    Unbreakable transparent plastic with good electrical insulation.