3M TufQUIN™ 110 Hybrid Insulating Paper is a flexible, conformable paper which has physical toughness in the form of high tensile strength and excellent tear resistance. TufQUIN™ 110 paper offers good dielectric characteristics and thermal conductivity in conjunction with high temperature performance.

3M TufQUIN™ 120 Hybrid Insulating Paper is generically the same as TufQUIN™ 110 paper, with the exception that TufQUIN™ 120 paper is created through a modified manufacturing process that yields thicker constructions while maintaining conformability.

Available as
  • Standard rolls are 36" wide
  • Standard thicknesses available
  • Fabricated parts to include slit roll, sheets & die cut parts.
Unit of Measure



N/A Polyester Laminations


N/A 5-10-5 mil0.127-0.254-0.127 mm


N/A 0.5 in12.7 mm

3 Ply Materials

N/A 10 mils (0.01") polyester 5 mils (0.005") cequin 5 mils (0.005") of cequin

Operating Temperature

N/A up to 200 ºCup to 392 ºF