Clarifoil® is a world leading product line of cellulose diacetate films. Celanese is the world’s largest commercial manufacturer of cellulose diacetate films. Production in a variety of gauges from 14 µm to 500 µm, including:
  • Gloss, Matt and Satiné semi-matt films
  • Colored, pigmented and functional films
  • Main grades include film for anti-fog, window cartons, print lamination, labels, tape, thermoform, metalized, UV absorber, optical, breather, backlit and many more applications
  • Exceptionally low haze
  • Non-oriented
  • UV stable
  • Good tensile strength and elongation
  • Relatively low tear strength
  • High stiffness
  • Extremely low water permeability
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Hard wearing surface
  • Thermoformable
  • Resistant to oils, grease and fat
  • Dry touch
  • Permanently high surface energy
  • Light weight
  • Good electrical insulator
  • Clarifoil® film is made from a renewable source: PEFC certified wood pulp
  • Standard films are biodegradable and compostable to EN13432, ASTMD6400 and Vincotte OK Compost Home
  • No GMO content
  • Recyclable
  • High calorific value
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