Ryertex CG - Canvas/Graphite is a medium weave cotton fabric (Ryertex C) combined with a phenolic resin system containing carbon graphite as a solid lubricant.

This phenolic laminate is used where a low coefficient of friction is the primary need allowing for improved wear life of the parts. Graphite is impregnated into the construction of the material and acts as a lubricant. It transfers to the metal surface providing lubrication on both surfaces. Ryertex CG composite laminate can be run with or without additional lubrication.

Ryertex CG thermoset is used in medium to heavy industrial applications for bearings, bushings and wear parts where a low coefficient of friction is needed.

  • Available in sheets, rods, and tubes
  • Custom sizes available
  • Custom fabrication services available from WS Hampshire
  • Mechanical Grade
  • Gears
  • Pinions
  • Spacers
  • Structural Applications
  • Wear Parts
  • Journal bearings
  • Piston sleeves
Unit of Measure



N/A 0.063 in1.6002 mm


N/A 0.063 in1.6002 mm

Stock Size

N/A 36.000 x 72.000 in914.4 x 1828.8 mm


N/A 36.00 in914.40 mm


N/A 72.000 in1828.8 mm

Sheet Weight per Unit Area

N/A 0.47 lbs/ft²2.29454 kg/m²

Thickness Tolerance

N/A ±0.0075 in

Width Tolerance

N/A ±1 in

Length Tolerance

N/A ±1 in

Typical Application

N/A Mechanical

Approx. Cost Index

N/A 148


N/A Sheets



N/A Bearings Gears Guides Mounting Blocks Wear Strips

Grade Description


    Won't soften with heat and minimal thermal expansion. Tensile strength of Nylon.



    Graphite addition helps lubricate. Especially helpful when oil or grease, rather than water, is the lubricant.