Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC is a rigid thermoplastic that provides good value with low cost. It has exceptional chemical resistance, dimensional stability, low water absorption, and superior resistance to weathering and sunlight. It is temperature resistant up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

PVC and CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) possess an unusually favorable combination of properties that make them resistant to hundreds of normally corrosive solutions and gases, making PVC an effective and economical material for a wide range of industrial applications. CPVC can withstand a higher temperature up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Available in sheet/rod/tube/shapes
  • Custom fabrication services available from WS Hampshire
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PPVH962252 N/A PVC N/A 0.438 in11.112 mm N/A Hexagon
PPVH962253 N/A PVC N/A 0.500 in12.7 mm N/A Hexagon
PPVH962255 N/A PVC N/A 0.625 in15.875 mm N/A Hexagon
PPVH962257 N/A PVC N/A 0.750 in19.050 mm N/A Hexagon
PPVH962259 N/A PVC N/A 0.875 in22.225 mm N/A Hexagon
PPVH962261 N/A PVC N/A 1.000 in25.400 mm N/A Hexagon
PPVH962262 N/A PVC N/A 1.125 in28.575 mm N/A Hexagon
PPVH962264 N/A PVC N/A 1.375 in34.925 mm N/A Hexagon
PPVH962269 N/A PVC N/A 2.000 in50.800 mm N/A Hexagon
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