GPO 1, 2 & 3 are made by combining random-laid glass fibers saturated with polyester resin and combined with suitable fillers. Choose from three polyester glass-mat-sheet laminate grades GPO-1, GPO-2, and GPO-3. Both GPO-1 and 2 and UL recognized.
  • GPO-1 laminates are suitable for general purpose applications
  • GPO-2 laminates are for applications where flame resistance is required
  • GPO-3 laminates are used where resistance to carbon tracking and flame resistance are required
Typical Applications
  • Transformer support wedges
  • Terminal blocks
  • Arc barriers
  • Arc chutes
  • Switch plates
  • Transit Industry
  • Available in sheets
  • Custom fabrication services available form WS Hampshire
Unit of Measure



N/A 0.031 in


N/A 0.031 in0.794 mm

Stock Size

N/A 48.000 x 96.000 in1219.2 x 2438.4 mm


N/A 48.00 in


N/A 96.000 in

Sheet Weight per Unit Area

N/A 0.30 lbs/ft²1.4646 kg/m²


N/A Sheets

Grade Description


    Glass-reinforced polyester with 3 grades to choose from. Sturdy and a great electrical insulator.