Ryertex HDA - Heavy Duty Canvas with Alumina is a phenolic laminate composite that consists of multiple plies of heavy weight canvas saturated with phenolic resin and modified with alumina that adds hardness to the material resulting in increased wear resistance.

Ryertex HDA provides superior load-bearing properties and has a coefficient of thermal expansion that closely matches metal shafts. It has exceptional impact resistance making it ideal for high load, high demand applications.

Ryertex HDA is used in heavy industrial applications for bearings, bushings and wear parts requiring improved wear resistance.
  • Available in sheets and tubes
  • Custom sizes available
  • Custom fabrication available from WS Hampshire
  • Water cooled propeller stave bearings
  • Steel and aluminum rolling mills
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SBE7048.12 N/A Ryertex SBE70 12 thickness plate N/A 12 Inch N/A 48 X 48 Inch N/A Plate
26 - 26 of 26 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure
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