WS Hampshire, located outside of Chicago, IL, is an industry leader in the manufacture and supply of composite outrigger pads for cranes, concrete paving equipment, firetrucks, utility trucks and drilling equipment. For over 100 years, we’ve combined our highly skilled workforce- comprised of expert machinists, logistics specialists and technical service specialists- with modern technology to produce engineered components that offer exceptional wear resistance and longer part life. Our engineered plastic cribbing plates and outrigger pads offer lightweight, strong and proven support for your rig. TIMCOLITE® outrigger pads will not warp like wood or corrode like steel and are guaranteed for life! We stock a broad range of round and square outrigger pads and have the capability to supply custom pads up to 6’ x 10’ and 6” thick!
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CRIB30DIAX2 N/A 30 in N/A 2 in N/A 49 lb N/A 85,000 lb QUOTE Request Quote
CRIB36DIAX2 N/A 36 in N/A 2 in N/A 69 lb N/A 100,000 lb QUOTE Request Quote
CRIB40DIAX2 N/A 40 in N/A 2 in N/A 86 lb N/A 113,000 lb QUOTE Request Quote
CRIB42DIAX2 N/A 42 in N/A 2 in N/A 97 lb N/A 115,000 lb QUOTE Request Quote
CRIB44DIAX2 N/A 44 in N/A 2 in N/A 108 lb N/A 120,000 lb QUOTE Request Quote
CRIB48DIAX2 N/A 48 in N/A 2 in N/A 120 lb N/A 130,000 lb QUOTE Request Quote
CRIB48DIAX3 N/A 48 in N/A 3 in N/A 191 lb N/A 170,000 lb QUOTE Request Quote
CRIB60DIAX2 N/A 60 in N/A 2 in N/A 190 lb N/A 160,000 lb QUOTE Request Quote
CRIB60DIAX3 N/A 60 in N/A 3 in N/A 290 lb N/A 210,000 lb QUOTE Request Quote
1 - 9 of 9 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure