SAFRAIL™ Ladder & Cage Systems

SAFRAIL™ is a ladder and cage system made from a premium grade polyester resin system with flame retardant and UV inhibitors. A vinyl ester resin system is available when additional corrosion resistance is needed. OSHA safety yellow is used for side rails and cages. The rungs are a pultruded fiberglass with a non-skid surface.
Unit of Measure



N/A Polyurethane Coating

Rung Width

N/A 18.000 in457.2 mm

Rung Spacing

N/A 12.000 in304.8 mm

Performance Requirements

N/A Ladder and cage systems shall meet the requirements set forth in OSHA 1910.27. The ladder shall also be capable of supporting a concentrated vertical load of 1200 pounds applied at the mid span of the rung.


N/A The side rails and cage straps shall be fiberglass reinforced pultruded (isophthalic polyester) or (vinylester) with OSHA safety yellow pigment. An industrial grade polyurethane coating may be applied to finish ladder and cage for outdoor application.

Side rails shall be 2" square tube with a wall thickness of 0.156" or greater. The rungs shall be 1" diameter thermal cure rod with pigmented epoxy, non-skid grit surface.
Cage hoops shall be manufactured by open mold hand lay-up process with a width of 3" and thickness of 1/4" minimum at the top and bottom and 2" x 1/4" at the intermediate hoops. The cage shall be interconnected with a 2" x 3/16" pultruded straps spaced 9" on center around the hoop. All joints and rungs shall be epoxied and riveted.
Fiberglass pultruded rails, cage straps, solid rod and cage hoops to be sold by JOSEPH T. RYERSON & SON, INC., and manufactured by Strongwell.


N/A Corrosion Resistant Easily Installed High Strength Lightweight Low Maintenance Non-conductive, Electrically and Thermally Non-skid Rung Surface



N/A Chemical Plants Marine Mining Petrochemical Plating Plants Pulp and Paper Wastewater Water Wet-wells

Grade Description


    Fiberglass ladders for corrosive and maintenance free applications.