Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW)

UHMW is an exceptionally tough plastic that holds up, even after repeated impact. The abrasion resistance is extraordinary, with low friction under load. Virgin Grade UHMW is also exceptionally resistant to chemical attack including organic solvents. It's easily machined, self-lubricating and absorbs almost no water while providing high dielectric strength, but only moderate compression strength. UHMW operates safely at 160 ºF and doesn't break under IZOD impact testing.

  • Available as sheet/rod/tube
  • Available in virgin or regrind grades
  • Standard colors are white and black
  • Typical applications include wear pads, gears, bearings, corrosion resistant liners
  • Custom fabrication services available from WS Hampshire
Unit of Measure



N/A 0.500 in12.7 mm


N/A 0.500 in12.7 mm

Stock Size

N/A 48.000 x 120.000 in1219.2 x 3048 mm


N/A 48.00 in1219.20 mm


N/A 120.000 in3048 mm

Sheet Weight per Unit Area

N/A 2.44 lbs/ft²11.91208 kg/m²

Thickness Tolerance

N/A ±10%


N/A Sheets



N/A Cams Chutes, Bins Conveyor Parts Gears Guides Rub Strips Sliding Abrasion Wear Parts


Optional Stock Size

N/A 39.000 x 78.000 in48.000 x 84.000 in48.000 x 96.000 in48.000 x 108.000 in48.000 x 144.000 in48.000 x 240.000 in60.000 x 120.000 in

Grade Description


    Five grades, including virgin, to choose from for your special abrasion or release needs.