Polypropylene is the lightest of all commercial plastics with a good balance of properties. It operates safely at temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit with excellent resistance to many chemicals. It has high surface hardness and superior abrasion resistance, and is a great combination of properties including high corrosion resistance, weldability, and low cost.
  • Available in Sheets/Rods/Shapes
  • Available in white only
  • Chemically and acid resistant, high heat resistance (autoclavable), excellent dielectric properties
  • Custom fabrication services available from WS Hampshire
Unit of Measure


Weight per Feet

N/A 0.39 lbs0.176865 kg

Stock Length

N/A 10 ft3.048 m

Size A

N/A 2.000 in50.800 mm

Size B

N/A 2.000 in50.800 mm

Size C

N/A 0.250 in6.350 mm


N/A Angle

Grade Description


    Polypropylene offers good chemical resistance, little or no moisture absorption, and excellent electrical properties.